Poker Run

IMG_4125What is a Poker Run?

Simply, a poker run is a pub crawl, but a pub crawl of grand proportions.  The pub crawl begins at Belle Cora for check-in and registration; this is where you will receive your first card.  From there, six more bars are eligible stops during the Poker Run Pub Crawl. For each bar that you visit, you will get dealt one card towards a hand of poker. The more Bars you make it to, the higher chance that you’ll have a better hand. You’ll need to make it back to Tupelo for the Final Table by 7pm.

Once you get to Tupelo, and everyone has been dealt their hand, the top 10 hands will get a seat at our Final Table.  The Final Table will consist of 10 hands of face-up 5 card stud (you do not need any poker skills to win at the Final Table, it is purely luck).  At the end of each hand, the lowest 5 card hand will leave the Final Table and be sent away with prize.


August 27, 2016


North Beach, San Francisco

Cost & Entry?

Cost to enter the Poker Run is only $10 per person.  What?  Yeah, only $10 and that gets you an afternoon of hanging out with a bunch of awesome CU alums and the opportunity to win some sweet prizes!  It is one heck of a deal.  It’s not required but we highly recommend you form a team for the event.  You’ll have a built in crew to tour North Beach with and as always, the more people you bring out, the better time you have.

Some of the 2015 Prizes:


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